Vinyasa Yoga


Vinyasa incorporates a diverse set of asanas, emphasising the movement from asana to asana, while inhaling or exhaling.  This style of yoga encourages students to find their “flow”, using their own creativity and personal abilities while exploring the different asanas, combined into flowing sequences that are more challenging than standard Sun Salutations.  The focus of these classes is the beauty of slow, controlled movements to transition between asanas, and the use of the breath to enhance the yoga practice. In some cases, students will explore the use of jumping, rather than stepping, between asanas.  The asanas themselves will be more advanced than in our Non-Beginner classes, including inversions and arm balances.

This class is only suitable for seasoned practitioners who are ready to progress beyond Hatha Flow.  Such students are able to flow through Sun Salutations with slow, controlled movements, utilising Ujjayi breath, whilst maintaining the integrity of their joints.  Such practitioners should not be fearful of basic inversions (Headstand) or basic arm balances (Crow), and have the strength and integrity to attempt Full Chaturanga.

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