Spending time one-on-one with a teacher can be a highly effective way to enhance your yoga practice, as the focus is entirely on your body, your movements, your breath, your range of motion, your feelings, your tensions.  Private classes build a partnership between you and your teacher, so we will match your needs with the skills and experience of one of our senior teachers. They can be particularly beneficial to:

– Beginners: to begin the journey of getting to know your own body, as preparation for attending our group Beginners classes (Foundation, Yin Yang, Yin).

– Non-Beginners: if you’re feeling that your practice isn’t progressing, or there are specific poses / movements which you’re struggling with, or you want a focused assessment of how well you are moving to guide your future practice.

– Intermediates: if you’re not sure whether you’re ready to try our Intermediate group classes, or you want advice on more advance postures (e.g. arm balances, inversions).

– Medical conditions or injuries: we recommend you consult a medical professional before starting a yoga practice; in addition, spending time with a senior teacher may be of great value, either as preparation to attend group classes or as a regular practice, so that your practice is tailored to your specific needs.

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