Once students have mastered the basics of our Foundation classes, our Hatha classes create a safe atmosphere in which students expand their understanding of the benefits of yoga, through yoga asana, movement, yogic breathing and relaxation techniques. Hatha encourages proper (safe) alignment of the body and mindful movement; it brings balance, strength and calmness to the practitioner.

This class is classified into Hatha 1 – Non-Beginner, Hatha 2 – Intermediate.

Hatha 2 is only suitable for seasoned practitioners who are able to brace their spine in neutral positions (e.g. Full Chaturanga), in extension (e.g. standing Back Bends) and in flexion (e.g. Standing Head to Knee), to utilise the breath to support their movements and postures, and are able to maintain the integrity of their joints throughout their practice. Such practitioners should not be fearful of basic inversions (Headstand) or basic arm balances (Crow).

Classes comprise mostly of static postures, with some flow sequences.

Conducted in a non-heated or heated room.

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