Hatha Yoga

Hatha Flow

For students who practice regularly and enjoy a flow-based practice, Hatha Flow incorporates all of the benefits of a Hatha practice with an emphasis on the movement between the asanas, as opposed to the asanas themselves.  Some flow sequences will be based on the standard Sun Salutations; others will be more diverse. These classes are the perfect environment for those who wish to progress to our Intermediate-level Vinyasa classes.

Classes comprise mostly of flow sequences, with some static postures.

Conducted in a non-heated or heated room.

This class is only suitable for Non-Beginners who are able to flow through variations of Sun Salutations which incorporate Half-Chaturanga, with slow, controlled movements, whilst maintaining the integrity of their joints.  In particular, the ability to stablilise the shoulders and protect the wrist joints is essential, because Hatha Flow classes incorporate repetitions of Plank, Downward Facing Dog and other postures which bear weight on the hands.

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