Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Class Package

*Starter Pack is only applicable for first time members

**100 Class Cards can be shared between 2 people.

***Private Package: Only applicable for 1- 3 person, subsequent person will be charged at $50 for per individual.

Student Packages only applicable to students with a valid student pass.

All packages are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-extension.

You may suspend your package for a minimum of 1 month by paying a suspension fee of $40 per month for up to 12 twelve months. You will need to give at least 10 days notice prior to your suspension date – policy takes effect from 1st Oct 2015 (subject to Meraki’s approval)

Unused Class Cards will be brought forward to new packages purchased within the first 3 months of their expiry.

In the event that Meraki Yoga Pte Ltd needs to compensate package owners for any unused class cards, they will be refund based on the number of class cards unused together with its validity. This is only applicable to the latest package purchased. (Not applicable to port over class cards) (Calculation is based on the number of month left)

Package owners with unlimited package shall be refund based on their validity unused.
(Calculation is based on the number of month left)

A 10% discount per month of validity unused is entitle for the next package bought. (Terms and conditions apply).

Cancellation Policy

We are aware of your busy schedule however there has been an increasing number of no-shows or late cancellation of classes. If you are unable to make it for class, do cancel in advance so we can let others who are keen on joining have the mat. Please take a look at our class cancellation policy which will take effect from 16 February 2015:

1. Cancellation of class 2 hours in advance before the class time will be deemed as Early Cancellation which is allowed and will not be charged.

2. Cancellation of class less than 2 hours before the class time will be deemed as Late Cancellation which will be charged as if you have attended the class.

3. No Show is deemed as Late Cancellation which will be charged as if you have attended the class.

4. 2 or more cumulative late cancellations and / or no-shows over a consecutive 30 day period will result in your booking privileges being revoked for 2 weeks for first-time offenders; thereafter, advance booking will not be allowed for one month. Your class attendance restricted to in-person walk-in to the studio

Privacy Policy

1. We only collect information about you in line with relevant laws and regulations.

2. We only use your information where we have your consent or have another lawful reason for doing so, which includes: to deliver our products and services, to carry out your instructions and to manage our relationship with you.

3. We may also use your information to market Meraki Yoga products and services.

4. We may contact you by email, post, telephone, text message or other secure message.

5. We do not share your information with third parties.

6. Whilst you are participating in activities at Meraki Yoga we may, from time to time, take photographs or videos. By participating in our activities, you grant Meraki Yoga the unrestricted right and permission to copyright and/or publish these photographs and videos in our marketing materials, including on our website and our social media sites, without your prior approval of the finished product. You waive any ownership or publication right and release Meraki Yoga from any claims for remuneration associated with any form of damage.

7. You are not permitted to use any form of image or voice recording device on the premises at Meraki Yoga, without our prior written consent.

We thank you for your understanding in our efforts to make the studio more enjoyable and conducive for your yoga practice.

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