Yvonne Yan

Yvonne is a Functional Movement Specialist. She is passionate about helping people improve the overall quality of their lives.

Although she was trained in traditional yoga methods in India, Yvonne has supplemented her knowledge in the field of functional anatomy and biomechanics, with a specialisation in rehabilitation.

Yvonne is also a trained Stotts Pilates Teacher, a Level 2 Yoga For Golfers Instructor and a Kids Yoga Teacher.

Over the years, she has enriched her experience with many well-respected Yoga Teachers worldwide, most recently with Tiffany Cruikshank in her Yoga Medicine Program.

Yvonne is educated in the Barefoot Strong Methodology from Dr Emily Splichal, the Founder of the Evidence Based Training Academy. She is now a Level 3 BareFoot Specialist.

Yvonne’s classes are fun and playful but with the intention of empowering her students to carry their yoga practice off the mat and into their daily lives.

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