Tan Lijun


Lijun’s first yoga class was 12 years ago but she committed to a dedicated practice 3 years ago in an effort to alleviate back pain from sitting long hours at a desk. As her back pain improved she also discovered that the benefits of yoga are beyond physical and that yoga can help one to cultivate peace, positivity and awareness of the mind, body and soul.

Lijun took a break from work in 2014 in order to complete her 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training. Craving more, she furthered her yoga and meditation journey by participating in a Yoga retreat in Bali, immersing herself in various styles of yoga in different parts of the world and attending a Vipassana meditation retreat in Kyoto. She continues to be a student of yoga and enjoys sharing what she has learnt with others.

Lijun believes that yoga is accessible to all and that through the practice of yoga, everyone can learn to be their authentic selves and live their best lives.

Lijun aims to provide nurturing, dynamic classes with an emphasis on moving mindfully, at your own pace and most importantly finding enjoyment in the practice.

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