Shanice Soh

Shanice believes that yoga nurtures the physical body and mind and can be enriching and healing when practised with an open mind. To her, the beauty of yoga is that it is for everyone. It can be anything to anyone – whether it’s physically, mentally or spiritually, you get what you need from yoga.

Over the years of practice, Shanice has developed a keen interest in therapeutics which led her to explore and study more about the functional anatomy of the body, its applications in asana practice and daily life.

Studying with her teacher Annie Carpenter under SmartFLOW Yoga, Shanice’s classes are grounding and rooted in alignment. She is passionate in helping her students develop a safe practice that encourages awareness in the body and mind, which can serve them on and off the mat. Expect disciplined classes that cultivate steady focus, yet leaving you well worked and calm.

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