Kenrick Goh

Kenrick’s affinity with Yoga started a decade ago in 2007 during his search for a cross-training to his Taichiquan practice. His passion for yoga grew quickly and he started attending workshops and teacher’s trainings of various styles to depth his knowledge. Eventually his calling brought him to Ana T. Forrest whom he received a powerful and transformational experience in his Hong Kong Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher’s Training. His journey took a new direction ever since then. To Kenrick, Yoga is the teacher of life. Asanas or postures are just a small fraction of Yoga. The explorations and learnings on the mat merely kickstart a greater growth off the mat. It is important for us as Yoga practitioner to gain the wisdom to apply what were taught on the mat off the mat into our lives to help shape and guide ourselves towards a life our spirit desires for. Kenrick teaches Forrest Yoga, an intense Hatha yoga style created by Ana T. Forrest that focus on deep healing of the body. mind and spirit. He also teaches Yin Yoga with a meditative approach. Kenrick hopes to create a “space” where his students can enjoy moments of peace and reconnect with themselves inwardly.

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