Jennifer Goh


Jennifer has more than 15 years of teaching experience in the health and fitness industry, teaching group fitness classes that cater to all levels of participants. The greatest satisfaction comes from helping people towards achieving a healthier and fitter lifestyle, one class at a time. After many years
of teaching strong active fitness classes, she began practising yoga in 2005 for her own wellbeing and fell in love with yoga.

That started her yoga journey. She went to India in January 2008 for a 200hr teacher training course with Louisa Sears from Yoga Arts Australia. She became a mum in 2010 and was practising yoga throughout her pregnancy. She experienced how yoga can help prepare expectant mothers physically, mentally and emotionally for birth. She went on to do a 100-hour prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training with Dr Jean Byrne from The Yoga Space Australia in November 2012.

She is grateful to be given the opportunities to attend yoga workshops conducted by David Life, Sharon Gannon, Seane Corn, Ana Forrest, Rod Stryker and Christina Sell, just to name a few. Jennifer is inspired by the humbling and nurturing nature of yoga and believes it can offer a uniquely beneficial experience to each and every person who practises with an intention. Yoga has helped her find balance in all aspects of her life and she hopes to spread her love, knowledge and the benefits of yoga to her students, one practice at a time.

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