Estee Ng

Estee’s yoga journey started 4 years ago when she was awed by the strength and grace of physical practice her friends was putting on yoga. She started doing yoga with an aim to lose weight. She not only found health and fitness benefits, but also a balance and calmness in her everyday life. Her first yoga class was based on a DVD ‘Basic Yoga with Rodney Yee’ purchased through Amazon. She also referenced YouTube videos to learn about yoga alignments and techniques.

Her yoga experience was so much fun and transformative that she decided to help spread the love and help more people benefit from the physical exercise of practicing yoga. Estee eventually embarked into Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 by The Yoga Mandala.

Estee obtained Kids Yoga Training Certification by Real Yoga. She has also completed Yoga Therapeutics with Ross Rayburn. Inspired by her undying love for yoga, Estee seeks to gain more knowledge and deepen her own practices by enrolling for more yoga courses to compliment her yoga repertoire.

Her yoga classes are filled with motivating instructions throughout a challenging and rejuvenating yoga practices. Her style of yoga focuses on progression and grounding. Estee’s class is generally light-hearted, balanced and based on an understanding of the transformative power of yoga. She encourages students to be positive, relaxed and to have fun so that they can unleash their full potential. She follows a balanced, flowing sequence when conducting her yoga classes and works at individual pace with poise and principal stability.

Students leave her class happy and relaxed knowing that they are learning from the best yoga trainer with vast experience and understanding of the ability of yoga to invigorate every individual with strength, health, and well-being.  Estee believes that yoga truly transforms us, helping us to cultivate strength, poise, and health in the body while instilling clarity, mindfulness, and present.

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