David Chew

David has been teaching yoga since 2003.

A natural teacher, David is always seen sharing his insights and knowledge of yoga with his students freely and joyfully. When he first started yoga, David’s practice was power-based and fast paced, which, in his own words was an “aggressive” one. A major head injury from a car accident in 2003, however, turned into an opportunity for him to take a closer look at his practice as severe headaches and giddiness from the head injury would strike him whenever he practiced in the old way. He had to slow down his practice and after patiently working with himself for close to a year after his accident, he had a good recovery and his practice was also beautifully transformed.

David now teaches from the belief that yoga can heal when practiced intelligently. His aspiration is for students from all walks of life to have a sustainable and satisfying yoga practice. With an emphasis on helping students build a strong foundation in their practice, David’s teaching marries strength and flow, and his reminder to his students is always to move from the core (in all senses of the word). His continued fascination and passion in the art of Yoga will stay as a lifelong project to him.

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