Cheng Pei Shan

Before her transformation through Yoga, PeiShan lived her whole life being known as “stiff” and “tight”, along with a multitude of descriptions one might use on a log. As an amateur rock climber, she noticed that she’d reached a ceiling due to insufficient joint mobility and muscle flexibility to progress in the sport. Her first brush with yoga years ago, was thanks to self-coercion at work, at a weekly class.

Along the way, PeiShan met and learned from inspiring teachers who encouraged her to make a more tangible difference in her yoga practice. Her practice eventually became a daily ritual. What began merely as a workout, an impetus to make herself stretch more, has eventually come to hold a much deeper meaning. As a result of a regular Yoga practice, she has found not just flexibility, but strength and grace, as well as more focus and calm on and off the mat. She knew then that when you’ve experienced a good thing, life can only be better. She left her job as a visual effects production manager and went on to get her 200hr Teacher Training certification.

All of her teachers, past and present, have influenced her in profound ways, evident in the emphasis on proper breathing and alignment in her instruction. Peishan’s passion is people development, and nothing brings her greater joy than guiding individuals on their journey in self discovery through a consistent and mindful Yoga practice.


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