Caroline Lim

After two decades in the corporate and finance world, Caroline left the working world to embark on a second career as a full-time mum. During this hiatus, she began a regular exercise regime at a neighbourhood gym, where she stepped onto a yoga mat for the very first time in 2004. The beauty, grace and strength of the yoga practice captured her, igniting a deep and enduring passion. The desire to deepen her knowledge of the various aspects of yoga eventually prompted her to undertake a yoga teacher’s training in 2012.
She feels priviledged to have been given the opportunity to share her passion with a wide range of people. With 3,000 classes under her belt, she has amassed considerable experience with major gym and fitness chains, corporate clients, private individual clients and even children cancer survivors. This fact, coupled with her personal experience as someone who only began yoga later in adult life, informs the way she structures and teaches her classes. It is her conviction that yoga is for everyone; the key is to practice wisely, maintain an open mind and keep exploring till we find the style that best suits us.
A firm believer in personal growth and learning, she has upgraded her skills with certifications in these areas: BOSU Mind & Body class, Yin Yoga, Continued Education Training for Vinyasa Teachers as well as themed workshops conducted by well-known visiting teachers Chris Kummer, Simon Park, Pete Guinosso, Tiffany Cruiskshank, Peter Scott, Desiree Rumbaugh, Dyan Werner, Christina Sell and Jason Crandell. Learning, like yoga, is an unending adventure.

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