Wheel Yoga Workshop

Open Your Chest, Shoulders and Hips Safely in this Two Part Workshop

The Yoga Wheel is an extraordinary prop used for deepening your backbends and gaining flexibility in the shoulders, chest, hip flexor and quads. It does so safely and painlessly by supporting your spine and stabilizing your back so that backbends are achieved with minimal compression between the spinal vertebrae. In addition to making backbends more accessible, it also serves as a prop for learning inversions and arm balances.

In this two part workshop, Priyan will guide you step by step towards establishing a correct and safe practice of working with this prop.

This workshop is for:

  • Beginning practitioners seeking to safely develop their backbend technique safely
  • Yogis of all levels suffering from tight or stiff backs, chest and shoulders or are seeking to improve flexibility
  • Yogis seeking a safe way of learning intermediate and advanced  backbends, inversions and arm balances

* Bring your own wheel

If you do not have a wheel and would like to purchase one, these are some sources where you can get one.

In Singapore: Qoo10, Movement First, Sportsco, Revolve Fitness

Overseas: Amazon, Dharma Yoga, Limitless Wheel, Plexusco, Shakti Yoga, My Yoga Wheel, Ocean Love Yoga, Yoloha Yoga, Prosourcefit, Gaiam.

Email us to book: enquiry@merakiyoga.sg

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