Teachers Of Meraki: Yvonne Yan

The doors of the second floor studio opened and out poured the full class of yogis aflush with the heat and intensity from a Meraki signature class, Hot Classic Too, a variation of the Hot Classic series of 26 postures. Last to emerge is its brainchild Yvonne Yan, who started the class in October last year.

Yvonne is the managing teacher and poster girl of Meraki Yoga. She is a powerhouse in a petite package, known for conducting her classes with boundless and infectious enthusiasm and energy. Adored by all, getting a spot in her classes almost always requires an advanced booking as spots fill up fast.

Since starting her yoga journey in 2009, the practice has seen many changes in her health and wellbeing. “As a non-physically active person, the most obvious change in my body is definitely the physical strength and flexibility that I have gained from the practice. On a more subtle level, I feel energised, I sleep better and definitely benefitted from a quieter state of mind.” She said.


Having gained these benefits, Yvonne took a very important decision of taking the role and responsibility of a person that spreads these benefits to others via her teaching and entrepreneurial efforts. “A trip to my ashram in India ignited the spark,” she recounted, “My first students were my colleagues in the office! It was definitely nerve wrecking to stand in front of your co-workers or even your boss and telling them what to do. It’s been 4 years since I started teaching, I am glad to say I have gotten over the nerves of public speaking/ instructing.”

She has since become managing teacher at Meraki Yoga, a beautiful boutique studio set in some of the most tranquil surroundings in Singapore, tucked away in the One North enclave, known for its intimate class sizes and calm, clean spaces.

With class sizes kept in the range of 9-20, a typical yogi’s practice is almost always within reach of the teacher, and the Yogi does not get lost in a nameless crowd. Meraki yogis form long term bonds with the teachers and with each other. The feeling of a community or a close knit family is very palpable, “The small class size in Meraki Yoga provides a great platform to sincerely know each and every student individually as a person, to help them in their practice, witness their journey and to have a very trusting relationship with them. I love that as teacher and students in Meraki, we grow together!”


Yvonne thrives in this environment, connecting with each and every person in her class and being a part of the student’s growth and development every step of the way, always within her watchful eye ensuring they practice safely and effectively.

Ironically, her favorite class type is not Hot Classic or even Hot Classic Too. She enjoys practicing plain vanilla Hatha the most, reflecting her shift from her practice being fitness centric in the initial years, to a more holistic one that encompasses deeper layers of her wellbeing. “Ha means Sun and Tha means Moon in Sanskrit, in oriental terms, it means Yin and Yang. A good hatha class balances our yin and our yang energies, gives us strength, purifies us and prepares us for meditation / relaxation.”

Moving forward, Yvonne hopes to further her theoretical and practical knowledge towards increasing her teaching capability. “Continuous education and self study is always in the works.” She said. “As a student I should try and make more time to sit in stillness. To serve others as a teacher, I’d stay dedicated to my personal practice with as many different teachers so I can share a little of their greatness with my students!”

Join Yvonne on the mat in one of her yoga classes at Meraki Yoga today!

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