I have never done yoga before, what should I expect?

Yoga classes generally starts with a simple breathing exercise to calm our minds and prepare our body for class. A simple warm up will be done to awaken the body and slowly working towards stronger poses.

Proper alignments and breathing cues are being instructed to help keep you safe while building strength and flexibility. All classes will end with a final relaxation that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.


What classes are suitable for beginners?

If you are generally inactive, a couple of Foundation classes will set you right up for Hatha, Yin and Yin Yang classes which are suitable for beginners.

If you are interested in hot yoga, Hot Classic and Hot Hatha are good

Feel free to check out our class descriptions for more information.


What are the health benefits of yoga?

Yoga has a myriad of health benefits. Breathing deeply keeps the mind focused, increases circulation and opens the lungs which improves oxygenation of your entire body. Stretching increases flexibility, which can prevent injuries. Strength and muscle tone are the result of supporting your body weight in various poses. And, physical exertion of any kind is super important for stress reduction.

Because of the concentration required, your daily troubles seem to melt away during the time you are doing yoga. These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of practicing the art of yoga.


Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?

If you believe you lack flexibility then you have just answered your own question.  How do you become flexible without practice?  In fact you will get so much out of our classes.  After all, yoga was actually created to help you gain more flexibility, which loosens tight muscles and prevents injury.

What should I wear to yoga? What should I bring?

Wear comfortable clothing that you would normally wear for workout. We provide mats, towels and shower amenities. A water bottle and change of clothes would be suffice. Additionally, we ask that you bring an open heart and mind. Show up, enjoy your practice!

I work out often, can I take the advanced classes?

Honor your body and mind and take time to adjust to your new exercise practice.

What is Hot Yoga and how hot is it?

Hot Yoga is a sequence of yoga postures performed in a heated environment. The increased temperature in the room allows an increase in stretching and flexibility and helps to prevent injury. The hot temperature combined with the yoga poses means that you will sweat a lot and burn calories. Your body will experience a huge detoxification as well. Drinking plenty of fluid before, during and after class is necessary.

At Meraki, Hot Yoga is performed at a temperature of about 38-40 degrees celsius with 40% to 60% humidity.


Should I eat before coming to class?

Yoga on a full stomach is not fun, yet doing yoga when you’re starving isn’t a good idea either. We recommend eating a light snack one hour before class or a meal 2-3 hours before class. This way your body is fueled but not focused on digestion.

New Students:

At Meraki, we welcome new students. We enjoy meeting you and invite you into this new experience. We know that this new venture can be frightening but we assure you that you are perfect as you are.

Our expert instructors were all beginners once, too, and they have an abundance of compassion for anyone new to the practice. The beauty of practicing within a studio community is that you can learn from fellow students, as well, as you observe how more experienced students approach the practice. But it’s not a competition; it’s just about sharing this yoga we all love.

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