Meraki (pronounced: may-rah-kee); Greek; adjective

1. To do something with soul, creativity, or love.

2. To put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing.

When you love doing something that you put your entire self into, the love and happiness shows

The gracious being of your soul shines through and it manifests into the world.This is how Meraki Yoga is founded, with [Love, Creativity and Soul]

We are a boutique yoga studio nestled within the lush peaceful greenery of One North, Buona Vista, West Singapore. We take pride in our small and intimate class setting to ensure greater teacher-student interactions.

Our space is kept pristine and sacred for a conducive and uplifting yoga practice. Love has been built into this artistically crafted studio. Our approach is to inspire our community to achieve greater connectedness through yoga, and our students can take the experience of yoga, from class to their daily lives, for the nourishment of body, mind and soul.

Meet The Team

“The Meraki Teaching Team is comprised of passionate instructors who have profoundly experienced the gifts of a regular yoga practice. Our team aspires to wholly embody these gifts and pass them on to our students.”




Starter pack

1 week unlimited


Drop In

1 single session


Class Cards Packages

Class Cards Cost Per Class Our Price Validity
10 $34 $340 3 months
20 $28.5 $570 6 months
30 $26.33 $790 8 months
50 $24 $1200 10 months
100 $21 $2100 12 months

Unlimited Packages

Unlimited Classes Our Price
1 month $399
3 months $999
6 months $1899
12 months $2799

Student Packages

Student Packages Bonus Classes Our Price Validity
Single Drop In $22
10 1 $220 6 months
20 3 $440 12 months
1 month unlimited (off Peak) $239
1 month unlimited (Full Access) $299

Pre-Natal Packages

Class Cards Our Price
1 $45
5 $210
10 $390

Private Packages

Class Cards Our Price
1 $160
5 $750
10 $1400

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